Someone was shouting… hold on, there were many voice. In fact the racket in his head was fillled with voices ordering him to get up, a dog was barking in the distance.

He tried to get up, but his legs and arms were not strong enough to take his weight. Slowly he slipped to the floor where there were mulitple black shiny boots.

Suddenly one conected with his ribs, a baton to his forehead, another boot in his side. Then he felt himself being dragged by his legs as he hung on to the frabic covering the sofa for dear life.

He could feel the sob escaping his lungs. What had he done to deserve this?

“ARGH!” The pain was excruiating but he didn’t have time to process it as he was being dragged down the concrete stairs. Holding on to the railing he felt sharp teeth on his hands, his face.

Sobs were coming thick and fast, suddenly he was in a flashback of his father raising a leather strap folded in two and it coming down against his back.

“Argh!” His new teenage voice broke in places as he cried. Why was he being punished so much, what had he done?

Cold steel met his back as he was lifted and flung into the back of the police van. A metal gate slammed shut and was locked, he was in the dark…

He bumped against the walls as the van began to move.